Founded in 1972 in Santa Croce sull’Arno, Guanaco S.r.l produce chrome tanned pigmented split for leather good and small leather goods industries. The name, maintained during the years, with pride and boast of Made in Italy. Guanaco has developed during the years increasing its output and enlarging its technologic products into the market. Support, assistance and co-operation given to the customers even after sales, by a young team purposeful continuously, carefully to production planning.

Experience handed and obsessive attention of products, the increasingly constant pressure from our customers, have led new certification of our products, tests of chemical and physical resistances, and the certifications of Genuine Leather, are a flagship.

Respect of delivery terms and care of details are a warranty of enormous value for customers.

Different nationalities and religions get integrate making up a team looking forward the same target: Meet the needs even customized creating innovative articles.